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mindLightz App, by Mind Gear (Free App)

Download this free app to get 83 more programs for your Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver 3.0 and your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to relax, meditate, energize, help you sleep and help you dream.

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SpectraStrobe Programs

Mp3 digital files for your Deepak Chopra Dream Master ONLY – Does not work on Dream Weaver 1.0 or 2.0

SpectraStrobe encoded music synchronizes light pattern entrainment with songs, nature recordings or relaxing soundscapes. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) in the machine decodes a special high frequency sound wave embedded in the track to trigger the LED lights in perfect synchronization with the pulse, feel and beat of the music. This creates a synergistic effect that enhances and extends the range of mind trips exponentially. Because of this technology you are no longer limited to only the session selections that are included with your device.

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