Deepak Chopra Dream Master
Deepak Chopra Dream Master
Deepak Chopra Dream Master
Deepak Chopra Dream Master
Deepak Chopra Dream Master
Deepak Chopra Dream Master

Deepak Chopra Dream Master

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(All-In One – does not require additional devices)

Over 85 built in programs - Deepak narrated programs, programs for stress, anxiety and relaxation, programs for meditation, programs for dreaming, programs for sleeping, programs for creating altered states, programs for learning and even programs to energize.

- 6 LEDs per eye (red, green, blue) light goggles,
- rechargeable controller with LCD display,
- memory card
- USB charging cable
- stereo ear buds
- manual and quick start card and
- carrying case.
(You do not need a CD player, computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or mp3 player to play the Dream Master programs)

85 programs built into the Dream Master’s memory card including:
* 5 Deepak Chopra narrated programs:
- Trip to the Forest
- Path to Love
- Being Still
- Bhagavad Gita - Cosmic Vision
- Chakra Meditation

• 14 visioning programs including Dreams in the Mind’s Eye, Journey of the Drums, Water Planet, Tibetan Highlands, Children of the Universe, Waves of Coincidence, Naked Mantras, Sleep Cycle, Winter & Journey
• 66 programs targeted for various states of consciousness
• Accelerate – 6 programs
• Meditate – 7 programs
• Mind Art – 14 programs
• Night Voyage – 6 programs
• Rejuvenate – 7 programs
• Trance – 5 programs


Individuals who have epilepsy or have had seizures or other unusual reactions to flashing lights should consult a medical professional before using the product. See disclaimer here.

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