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Many of you have learned about the Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver through PBS, through our growing presence in Delta Airlines Sky Clubs or through various news articles in the NYTimes, USA Today and other media. 

We are so delighted with your reactions to the Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver and Dream Master. We’re hearing from so many of you that it is helping you focus, relax, mediate, dream and sleep, and reducing stress and anxiety. Many of you are spreading the word and recommending it to family, friends and peers. Thank you.

Deepak would like to reward you for spreading the word. With our new affiliate program, once you sign up we provide you with an individual imbedded code in a clickable link to place in your email, on your website or social media pages. If someone clicks on that link and buys the Dream Weaver 3.0 or Dream Master, we will send you 10% of the sale price. 

Program Terms & Policies
Deepak Chopra works to help co-create with you a just, sustainable, healthy, peaceful and joyous world. If you are aligned with these beliefs in word and action, then we would love for you to help us promote the Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver.  If your website or social media presence promotes war and mechanized death, fossil fuels, nuclear power, tobacco, pornography, prostitution, gambling, racism, sexism and GMOs, you are probably not the right candidate for a Dream Weaver Affiliate. We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate relationship at any time for any reason with the affiliate fees owed up to that date being paid.

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