Altered States of Consciousness

 “I witnessed the clouds part before me to reveal blue skies with the sun brightly shining overhead. I found myself on a calm beach with crystal clear water and soothingly smooth little pebbles at foot. On a runway or race-track/ roller-coaster of sorts traveling very fast through a city of light. I even seemed to be visited by curious balls of light that just wanted to say hello.”  - John

"I was in Aruba, on vacation in Aruba!"

"I was back in the 1920's. Everyone was wearing formal 1920's clothing and hairstyles. Then I became weightless. I am really calm now, super calm."

"I went back to a time when I was a kid, I was playing soccer, my dad was the coach, and my team won. It was the best day of my life."

"I was in a giant kaleidoscope. At the end I was weightless and orbiting three planets."

"It took me to the beach. It's not a beach I recognize, but I go to the same beach every time."

"I was in a tunnel of light. It was beautiful."

"I was on vacation for a whole week. I have no idea where it was, but it was wonderful."

"It was very interesting. I saw beautiful three dimensional images. I saw myself in an Indian temple with beautiful arches and mosaics."

"It was weird. I was here then I was gone. I imagined flowers and going down a path of chirping birds. It was relaxing"

"The experience was a trip through a perfect day. The program was euphoric. I left my body and I started to smile with sunshine beaming through the experience. I fell energized without being too wound up. Thank you."

"I definitely went into a complete trance. I thought about things that I have not thought about for years. It was really great."

"When the lights came on it was like what people describe in their near death experiences of going to a wonderful place. I started to laugh. I never had an experience like this. I definitely went away even though I fought it at first but it took me. "

"I left my body in the experience. There were waves of color. There was no fear. I feel great now with a permanent grin."

"When it ends, you feel like you are thrown into outer space."

"IT'S LIKE BEING IN HEAVEN!"  - Ken in Wisconsin