Dream Weaver version 2.0 support

Dream Weaver version 2.0 support

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Here is a link to the Apple iOS and Android App for the 2.0


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(Android users please download the file here)

Downtown the 2.0 App

Firstly - make sure you download the 2.0 app and not the 3.0 app. A direct link to this is for iOS Apple devices is https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id696958462?mt=8
The link to the 2.0 app for Google Play is


Dream Weaver AudioStrobe Quick Start Instructions

1. Insert 2 AA batteries into the battery compartment on the backside of the Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver Controller.

2. Push On/Off button in the upper center of the controller and see lighted red LED. Then turn off.

3. Plug the Dream Weaver goggles into the top center port of the controller next to the picture that looks like glasses.

4. Plug in the enclosed ear buds or a pair of headphones into the top right port of the controller next to the drawing that looks like a headphone.

5. Plug one end of the auxiliary cable (3.5mm male to 3.5mm male stereo cable) into the top left port of the controller next to the symbol for a musical note.

6. Plug the other end of the aux cable into the headphone jack of your player device.

7. If your player device is a CD/DVD player, put the Introductory Virtual Trip to the Forest program disk into the player. Hit the play button and turn up your player device’s volume all the way up to loud. If your are downloading the content onto an audio player, see Note below.

8. Put in/on the earbuds/headphones and put on the goggles keeping your eyes closed. Turn On Dream Weaver controller.

9. Follow the audio program instructions on the program disk. At some point in the program the lights will start blinking.

10. Adjust the volume for your listening comfort using the +/- buttons on the right side of your controller next to the symbol for an audio speaker.

11. Adjust the light intensity for your viewing comfort using the +/- buttons on the left side of your controller next to the drawing of a light bulb. The lights should be bright enough for you to be able to see the lights blinking through your closed eyelids.


Note: When using a computer, laptop, smartphone or mp3 player to store the audio content, either transfer the programs from the accompanying disks to your favorite audio player or download the Dream Weaver AudioStrobe pro- grams to your audio player as you would any musical selection. Make sure you DO NOT compress your audio files below 320bps. Plug the 3.5 mm male stereo end of the aux cable into the earbud/headphone out port of your audio player device.

For more detailed instructions, and to learn how to adjust the colors and the mode, please see the accompanying manual.




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