Don’t Have a Computer?

It’s Okay! Here is how to download, play and save the programs to an Apple®, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Use your device to download and play the Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver programs that drive your Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver 1.0, Dream Weaver 2.0 and Dream Master Devices.

*If you have a computer you can download these onto your computer and then transfer (drag) them to the music app on your mobile device when you sync with your computer.

Android smartphone devices: There is a file manager for Android so you do not need to reference this.


Downloading and installing the programs onto your player

After purchase, an email is sent to you.

Click the link:

You will see a screen where you can play the MP3 with Quicktime® or you can store the MP3 on your iPhone or iPad using Dropbox. *Note that these program files (unlike the Dream Weaver Apps) do not trigger the strobe flash light on iPhone / iPod Touch and are for use with your Dream Weaver 1.0, Dream Weaver 2.0 or Dream Master only.


You can save the file to you Dropbox as well.

* If you need to download the Dropbox App

click here for instructions at the bottom of this page


After clicking Save to Dropbox, this screen appears. Sign in.

If you need to register a new Dropbox account, 

Once you have signed in, click on the "Saves" folder and click the Save button in the lower right

You Have Successfully saved your file to Dropbox!

To see your Dropbox files, return the the home screen and look for the Dropbox icon and press it to login to the Dropbox App. Enter your email and password

Your folders are visible. Touch the Saves folder

In the Saves folder, your file(s) should be visible.

This is where your programs are stored.

Option: You can play the MP3’s on your iPhone or iPad by pressing on the filename



If you need to download Drop box:


Go to the App store, search for "Dropbox"


Press the cloud to start downloading Dropbox

You will see a progress wheel while it downloads.
Once that is complete, click on “OPEN”

Congratulations, you have cloud file storage on your device!
Click Sign In to access your files.


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