"I love my new dream weaver and I consider it one of the best investments I ever made in my life. The light and sound experience is so intense it lets me quit my mind and be present. Wow! I really consider it an amazing tool for meditation and it really helps increase focus and mental clarity. I tried it on my dad who doesn’t even believe in meditation and it has had a huge relaxing effect on him. Thanks Dr Deepak for you and your amazing helpful customer care. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE AT ANY AGE"   - Karim - Egypt

"I could see colors. I could picture myself on the beach. I meditate very occasionally. This is a lot easier for me, it puts me there automatically."

"Absolutely fabulous. I meditate everyday, but this was great."

"I loved it. I am not a meditator because I don't have the time or the patience. This is a quicker way of getting there. I feel relaxed, light, good."

“Truly meditating within the subconscious, that normally only comes with great practice of meditative practices” - Isaac

"What an amazing device! My lab members and I love it. Deepak Chopra's Dream Weaver is able to quickly and consistently induce a wonderful meditative state, dream state, or state of extreme focus. What great fun AND useful!" 
- Dr. Rudy Tanzi Ph.D., co-author with Deepak Chopra of the New York Times best selling Super Brain and host of the Super Brain PBS special. PhD Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Director of Genetics and Aging Research at MassGeneral Hospital.

“Yesterday I had a long to do list, yet I felt like taking a rest in the early afternoon. I typically don't like to do this because I remain tired for the rest of the day. Then I remembered that I had the "Being Still"! program. I settled in and started the track. My mind had been busy all morning and I was not confident that it would calm. The beginning of the track "met me where I was". The music was upbeat and kept pace with my racing mind while the pacing of the lights slowed me down. The music soon followed. Typically during meditation the slowing down is a "conscious effort" and sometimes defeats the purpose. The slow down in "Being Still" was easy and effortless. I quickly settled into a meditative, restful state. When done, I felt rested and refreshed and ready to take on the day!!!!” -  Sue – Tampa, FL

"DeepakChopra Dreamweaver promotes a rapid and total immersion into a meditative state and meditation is a prime stress buster-it's all good."   - Ken - off Twitter