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Deepak Chopra's Introductory Virtual Trip to the Forest - (21:41) - Genre: Relaxation and Lucid Dreaming - FREE! with Dream Weaver purchase


A Virtual trip to the forest with introduction by Deepak Chopra and music by Dr Rudy Tanzi.

• Deepak Chopra's Introductory Virtual Trip to the Forest – 21:41

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Deepak Chopra's Path to Love – (55:10) - Genre: Relaxation, Meditation and Lucid Dreaming - FREE! with Dream Weaver purchase

Guided meditation and seminar on finding and manifesting love and enlightenment ending with an archetypal journey with Deepak narrating and music by David Strickland

• Deepak Chopra's Path to Love – 55:10

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Deepak Chopra's Being Still - (19:30) - Genre: Relax, Dream, Sleep - FREE! with Dream Weaver purchase

Deepak guided meditation to achieve quiet within. Starts at normal busy chattering Beta brain frequency and transitions to Theta frequency characteristic of meditation, deep relaxation and dreaming at the Schumann resonance of 7.8 Hz. The program continues down to the Schumann Delta harmonic of 3.9 Hz found in dreamless sleep. The entire program is scored and performed by Dr. Rudy Tanzi – co-author with Deepak of NY Times best-selling Super Brain.



Deepak Chopra’s Chakra Meditation - (49:46) Genre (Meditation and Relaxation) *NEW - FREE! with Dream Weaver purchase

Deepak Chopra’s Chakra Meditation

Join Deepak Chopra narrating a description of the relationship between the seven chakras, the seven colors of the rainbow and his Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Deepak describes each chakra, starting with the red root chakra at the base of the spine, and talks about what powers and abilities you can manifest when the chakra is open and what limitations you may have when it is closed. After providing a mantra for each chakra, they are then followed by a several minute meditation. The 50 minute program takes you on a light program journey starting at normal work-day, busy-brain Beta (15Hz) down with most of the program in Alpha (12-8Hz) and the very end dipping into Theta before returning to Beta.


(49:46) Genre (Meditation and Relaxation)


Produced and written by Deepak Chopra & David Mager

Narrated by Deepak Chopra

Music composed and performed by Ethereal Space

AudioStrobe light programming by Andrzej Slawinski

Album design by Nate Jasper (with help from Leonardo Da Vinci)


Deepak Chopra's Cosmic Vision Bhagavad Gita - (36:13) - Genre: Extraordinary Experience - FREE! with Dream Weaver purchase

Deepak reciting chapters 11-13 of the Bhagavad Gita - Lord Krishna’s Cosmic Vision as relayed to Prince Arjuna on the battlefield of life
Music composed and performed by Nico Kean
Genre: Extraordinary Experience


AudioStrobe® Sampler – (66:42) - FREE! with Dream Weaver purchase

• Naked Mantras 6:27

• Waves of Coincidence 9:20

• Brain Scan 16:28

• Journey 8:39

• Children of Universe Collage 7:59

• Brain Scan II Ultra 11:51

• Polar Lights Winter 5:58

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Polar Lights – (57:40) – Genre: Extraordinary Experience 

Very melodic and poetic musical journey to the northern lights with special 3-D sound effects. We particularly recommend it!

• Night Magic 11:52

• Temple of Ice 8:58

• Second Chance 5:53

• Machine 3:37

• Winter 5:57

• Polar Lights 16:30

• Forgotten Times 4:53

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Brain Machine – (60:47) – Genre: Trance

The first Hemispheric Synchronization Audiostrobe® program with fractal landscapes.

• Gateway of Life 31:06

• Eternal Crystal 29:41



Brain Scan – (66:26) – Genre: Therapy and Training 

High efficiency programs: Beta, Alpha and Theta, resulting from the many years experience of Tamas Lab. in audiovisual stimulation. Very effective 3-D sound and light structures.

• Beta 16:26

• Alpha 20:00

• Theta 30:00


Elements – (121:00) – Genre: Relax

Specific sounds and scenes which have been recorded in nature are blended and interwoven with each other into a rich tapestry of auditory impressions, archaic and unknown at first, yet familiar as the images and sounds landscapes unfold. A realm that invites you to stay longer, to explore and experience its myriad depth.
The listed associations are paraphrases suggesting possible ways of experience. How you listen will determine your journey into this exciting realm of sound and light: WATER Inner purification, being immersed in memories, gently freeing yourself from established routines and habits, flowing, feeling held and transported. FIRE Transformation, change, purification, dance, encounter with light and warmth and heat, overcome and dissolve pain. AIR Lucid dreaming, clarity, meditation, concentration, energizing relaxation, a carefree state of mind, casting away burdens and everyday worries. EARTH Descending into the depths of your sub-conscious, feeling your own inner strength, feel secure and accepted, establishing contact with the Earth.

• Water 30:22

• Fire 30:34

• Air 30:10

• Earth 29:54


Requiem – (41:27) – Genre: Creativity and Vision

This composition creates an environment of near death experience. It is based on a biophysical measurement of the light emitted from dying yeast cells done by Prof. Dr. Janusz Slawinski.

• Requiem 27:42

• Beyond 13:45


Visions of Space and Time - (71:46) - Genre: Concentration

7 Music & Light Programs with the best classic Tamas Laboratorium's fractal and ambient compositions: Journey Theta, Eternal Water, Journey Alpha, Eternal Wind, Journey Beta, The Wheel, Waves of Coincidence.

• Journey Theta (Deep Theta State) 8:19

• Eternal Water (Flowing Visions) 11:29

• Journey Alpha (Deep Alpha State) 8:05

• Eternal Wind (Soft Energize) 10:35

• Journey Beta (High Energy) 8:37

• The Wheel (Concentrate/Meditation) 15:23

• Waves of Coincidence (Relax/Tranquility) 9:18


Children of the Universe - (67:50) - Genre: Extraordinary Experience 

These are some of the most elaborate and complex compositions from Tamas Lab. You really need strong nerves for this extraordinary experience! For experienced AudioStrobe users.

1. Born to be Happy – 6:10
2. War within Peace – 5:26
3. DeSolutions – 6:18
4. DNA Ritual – 6:08
5. 3 X Happy – 8:01
6. Mind Gateway Transformations in the Dark – 5:49
7. The last Train to Earth – 6:08
8. Orion – 6:00

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David Eastow's Beautiful Future - (54:23) - Genre: Extraordinary Experience

Glastonbury, England: an ancient spiritual centre, here the echoes of deeper mysteries are still heard, where Ancient Hearts wait silently, reminding us that it is our vision which creates the future.

1. Dawn – 8:12
2. Distant Shores – 8:58
3. Ancient Hearts – 8:05
4. Moonight Magic – 8:17
5. Celia – 10:52
6. Beautiful Future – 9:59


Peter Smith's Compassion – (67:47) – Genre: Relax

The author himself

'Compassion' starts with Whaling, an homage to those lovely beings in the oceans, who are still singing their moving songs - the whales. The CD continues with Rebirth - very relaxing sounds of (among others) choir, flute and a little bird: a wren. The next song, Grace, is rather different, starting with intriguing synth-sounds and some rhythm, with nice melodies following. In Compassion you will find a lot of different atmospheres, with overtones, mouth-harp and choir, some rhythm, thunderstorm and rain, and a beautiful theme at the end. Peace starts full of expectation, fulfilled by the calming sounds of flowing water, nice arpeggios and a peaceful melody; a feminine calling is answered by uplifting themes. In the last song, Reunion, there are several powerful parts as well as softer ones, with appealing sounds from nature: melting ice, dolphins, gulls.

For me, the CD as a whole expresses our hope and sincere belief that feeling compassion - for ourselves, our fellow-man, our other fellow-creatures and our planet as a whole - soon will replace our deep-rooted habit of thinking of profit.


My personal opinion

Whales and dolphins, these are the most gracious and gentle beings on Earth. They are full of calm, ancient wisdom that evolved through the millions of years that passed. Unlike other wise beings they are not quiet; in fact they fill the dark blue depths as well as shiny shallow waters with their songs. Now, you may take a path which leads you to the calm state of relax and reflection, to the estate where your open mind will get close to the waving, passive wisdom of the great whales and joyful, active dance of the dolphins. All of this is accompanied with the proper music by Peter Smith, which is in my opinion one of the best composers of this decade. With the help of AudioStrobe system you may follow this path even further, by precise tuning your mind.

- Maciej Poltarzewski

1. Whale Song – 14:48
2. Rebirth – 7:49
3. Grace – 5:54
4. Compassion – 15:05
5. Peace – 10:58
6. Reunion – 13:13

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The Wheel – (89:04) – Genre: Meditation

Fractal music from Manadalas. Circular and repetitive, slowly and almost imperceptibly changing.

About the album

Fractal music made out from Mandalas. Circularly repeating, but not exactly in the same way, slowly changing, almost unnoticeably.

It was year of 1986. Krumbach, a small village in the South of West Germany, about 30 km from the Swiss border. It was a special year in my life. In that year I finally set up my first studio with help of my ex, Sylvia.

Two Atari computers, one keyboard, Yamaha DX7, and a few 'midi expanders', a multi track Tascam tape machine and of course a big mixer.

Before that I had a vision while staying in Heidelberg.

There I saw in one of the issues of Scientific American an article on fractals; beautiful graphics showing structures within structures – the Mandelbrot Set. From the first glance I knew that in that self repeating visual patterns was sound as well... (read the full description by clicking on Buy More button below)

1. The Wheel I - Alpha Learning – 44:20
2. The Wheel II - Theta Meditation – 44:44


Visions1 – (72:53) – 7 Music & Light Programs - Genre: Extraordinary Experience

Artists: David Eastoe, Mark Vallentine, Jane Stacey, Ben Scott, Nomen Prey, Peter Smith, Daniel de Rosa, Andarno Sosna

1. Shores of Ancient Avalon - Genre - Enjoy and Relax – 10:29
2. Bridge of Time - Genre - Concentrate – 10:54
3. Out of Spring - Genre - Visions – 11:27
4. Eastern - Genre - Energize – 9:50
5. Mis Sentidos - Genre - Deep Insights – 11:20
6. Suspensions - Genre - Open your Mind – 9:21
7. Dreams - Genre - Various – 9:32