Sleep & Dream

"I love this Dream Weaver. It seems as if I enjoy myself even more since listening/seeing this experience. The serenity, silence, feeling of timelessness is beyond words. What is even so much more wonderful is the enjoyment and calmer, more balanced feelings, actions and experience I have during my day's activity. Also, I don't remember my dreams but I sleep better and wake more refreshed which is great for me as I am a lifelong night person - allergic to mornings. Where I go Dream Weaver goes with me."   - Dora - California 

“The dream weaver is worth every penny! I have used them the last two and a half days and have never felt so at peace or slept so good in years. They have helped me get to a new level. Thank-you Deepak!”  – Michelle

I have "never" been able to lay in bed for more than 5 or 10 minutes without my mind driving me crazy going bouncing from thought to thought. I am still in a state of shock. I felt like I had gotten the best night's sleep I can ever remember having. More at peace than I have ever been. For the first time in I can't remember I feel I have finally found what I have been searching for. Thank you so much. This is what just what I have needed. Thank you again for your time and this wonderful machine.    - Leo - Citrus Heights, CA

"I listen to the Dream Weaver Trip to the Forest - Pool of the Soul program every night before I go to sleep. Last night I had the most amazing lucid dream. It was a dream within a dream, like those that Carlos Castaneda talks about in "The Art of Dreaming", but 100,000 times more intense than I have ever experienced before. I saw several darkly clad strangers come out of a room. I tried to offer them a message of peace telepathically. They immediately circled around me and zapped me into a state of the most joy and ecstasy I have ever felt in my life. It was accompanied by the same lights one sees in the Dreamweaver strobe. I just stayed there and went into one lucid dream after another. It was so good and so joyful that at one point I wondered if I had actually died and gone to heaven/nirvana. The Dreamweaver had brought my nighttime dreamscape into a level of sheer joy and pure exhilaration like I had never experienced before."

"It's like you feel just before you go to sleep. I am totally rejuvenated." 

"I am in the early stages of parkingson disease and recently heard of the Dream Weaver glasses and decided to give them a try. With them I sleep more sound and feel more refreshed upon waking."   - Leah - Alberta, Canada

"It has the great power with you in control, of putting you into that sweet, "in-between' state, of being awake and asleep."  - Isaac