Stress & Relaxation

I have been trying for over 30 years to find a way to still my mind. I have almost all of books, CDs, and Tapes, of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Rui, Eckhart Tolle, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and others in this fields. Thousands of dollars spent, but I could never stop my monkey mind. I had about given up trying to break the life-long chains of anger, depression, and lack of self worth. Dr. Chopra is one of the few teachers that has got me as close as I have ever gotten, but ‘ out of sight out of my mind’. I read about the Dream Weaver Glasses and bought them. I can't believe what happened the first night I tried the glasses. I put the mp3 Path To Love program on my Nook and set the lights and started listening. What seemed like maybe 5 or 10 min. I turned the glasses off and when I looked at my clock 40 minutes had passed. I have "never" been able to lay in bed for more than 5 or 10 minutes without my mind driving me crazy going bouncing from thought to thought. I am still in a state of shock. I felt like I had gotten the best night's sleep I can ever remember having. More at peace than I have ever been. For the first time in I can't remember I feel I have finally found what I have been searching for. Thank you so much. This is what just what I have needed. Thank you again for this wonderful machine.    - Leo - Citrus Heights, CA

"I have been employing the Dream Weaver device for several months and have been both enjoying and benefiting from the experience. Achieving a deep state of relaxation has never been easy for me. I meditate occasionally but cannot state that I am very skilled at meditation; so easily distracted. But I am able to relax deeply with the DW and feel refreshed when the session comes to an end. More satisfying than the old fashioned "short nap." I recommend the device for folks with stressful lives."   - Alan - New York

"I have an extremely stressful job in healthcare. Meditation works to a certain extent but it was "not completely successful for me to relax at the end of the day. I tried the Dreamer Weaver on a whim. I am so happy that I did.  Dream Weaver almost makes me feel like I am on vacation within 5-10 minutes. I cannot get through the "forest" without falling into a sound sleep and the effect does not change with repetition. You do not become desensitized with repeated trips with the Dream Weaver. I find that the level of relaxation for me was a health benefit I did not expect. I love this device."   - Charise

"The dreamweaver has given me a completely stress relieving experience. I feel like I have slept for hours once experiencing the dreamweaver. It has an ability to take control of your body regardless of your mental state and leave you in a state of divinity and relaxation". - Milan - London, Great Britain

“I have used this for about month. it is quite amazing. very deep relaxation in minutes. some very deep meditations. and is very good going into the subconscious, or just at the brink of dreaming and being awake. Have over 4 complete programs for it now along with the free ones. and every one has its own characteristics and advantages. some are extremely relaxing. while others tend to send you on journey type visions and experiences. overall, pretty incredible. and groundbreaking for meditation”.   - Zen

 “This is an amazing tool that must be experienced to understand the level of "relaxation".   - Paula

"What an amazing device! My lab members and I love it. Deepak Chopra's Dream Weaver is able to quickly and consistently induce a wonderful meditative state, dream state, or state of extreme focus. What great fun AND useful!" - Dr. Rudy Tanzi Ph.D., co-author with Deepak Chopra of the New York Times best selling Super Brain and host of the Super Brain PBS special. PhD Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Director of Genetics and Aging Research at MassGeneral Hospital.

"The dreamweaver is a tremendous amount of fun! I put it on and almost immediately I felt totally relaxed and centered. It was a truly wonderful experience."  - Robert

"It was like no other experience I ever had. Before I did it, I felt overwhelmed, I had multiple projects and was very stressed. Now I am feeling eager for more because I feel there is a place I can get to where I feel very fulfilled."

"I totally relaxed and thought about nothing. And for me, that is a rarity."

"It was really great. I have done a lot of relaxing things like massage. This was the most relaxed I have ever been."

"It was pretty incredible. It took me to the most relaxing time I ever had in my life. It was a wonderful feeling."

"My body felt very relaxed. I didn't know where I was."

"It was neat. I was thinking but I was relaxed and thinking very calmly."

"You reach a point you don't care. You are not trapped in reality. My body and brain were so relaxed."

"Cool. I definitely liked it. I couldn't tell if I was here or gone. I've never been as relaxed."

"I saw my brain go whoosh. My head feels clear. That is for sure. My worries are gone. My mind is really opened and cleared. I am extremely relaxed. I want to do it again, that is for sure. I absolutely noticed the flushed waves of extreme relaxation. Thanks a lot. That was amazing."

“I cannot emphasize how relaxed you can become, both mentally and physically, in as little as a couple of minutes”. - Isaac