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"Love this app! Love to meditate but this took it even deeper. I even felt a little 'Alice In Wonderland' moment."

Third eye revealed reviews

"Peaceful journey; you reach an alternative consciousness"

Out of this world... reviews

"This was, by far, more than I had expected and worth every cent that I paid. I could literally feel the waves of energy and shifting of my brain into the altered state. I especially felt a definitive awareness in my 6th chakra, or third eye. After the strobes stopped, I could see many colors and shapes and what seemed like sparkles--I'm ecstatic!!! Thanks so much for this!!!"



Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver Apps are available for Apple iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets with camera strobe lights. These Apps are some of the same programs available for the Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver light and sound mind machines but they use the smarts and the camera strobe on your smart phone instead of using the Dream Weaver light goggles and devices.

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This device is best experienced with the user sitting or lying down in a quiet, dark place, WITH EYES CLOSED, using headphones or ear buds and with the flashing lights emanating from the LED strobe (on the back side of the Android phone) facing your closed eyelids about 1 foot away. Note: The iTunes App does not work on an iPad.

Do not use this program if you have epilepsy, neurological disorders, are pregnant or are a minor. Do not use this program while driving or operating machinery. People with photo-induced epilepsy should not use this app.