Happy Dream - Kasina Light and Sound Sessions Vol 2 - 50:07 (MP3)

Happy Dream - Kasina Light and Sound Sessions Vol 2 - 50:07 (MP3)

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Music and SpectraStrobe encoding by Dominique Nelis Volume 2

  • Happy Dream (9:00)
  • Mental Reverse (7:00)
  • Sahara (14:00)
  • The Sweetest (11:07)
  • Sacred Moment (11:00)

Happy dream: Enjoy a “feel good” dream with an easy and nice melody. The soft and smooth lights will help you relax with a constant frequency of 8 Hz, the low part of alpha. Mental reverse: If you want to try some real crazy light experience with some space guitars and other instruments, try this one! Sahara: Would you like to journey to the Sahara, where warmth and sand rules? Then this one is for you! With some exotic real violin and voices. The frequency starts at 10 Hz and ends at 7.8 Hz. Perfect to ease your mind and escape from the busy reality. The sweetest: this track, which is build around 10 Hz (alpha), has taken a lot of work to create. Every little sound and subtle movement had to be integrated in the light programming. Sacred moment: Real voice recordings and special spectra strobe will take this session on a spiritual level. Frequency range: 10Hz to 7.8 Hz. -Dominique Nelis These music compositions with SpectraStrobe encoding were created by Dominique Nelis, a professional musician who runs a recording studio in Belgium. He has been creating light and sound sessions for different mind machines for more than 15 years. Bon Voyage!

Mp3 digital files for your Deepak Chopra Dream Master ONLY – Does not work on Dream Weaver 1.0 or 2.0

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