No Rush - Kasina Light and Sound Sessions - Vol 1 - 48:00 (MP3)

No Rush - Kasina Light and Sound Sessions - Vol 1 - 48:00 (MP3)

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Music and SpectraStrobe encoding by Dominique Nelis
Volume 1

  • No Rush (10:00) 
  • Secret dream (13:30) 
  • Skytrip: (13:00)
  • Shift: (5:00)
  • White & Black (7:30)

No rush: As the title suggests, a very relaxing and optimistic melody, played by clean guitars and warm paths. This session is a collaboration with Esthy, who created the light programming. Frequency ranges from 11 Hz to 7.83 Hz.

Secret dream: This session simulates an emotional dream full off adventures and escapes. The frequency is around 10 Hz, right in the alpha range.

Skytrip: You can fly away with this session for 13 minutes. Feel the freedom of the sky with all the colors of the world. The frequency is around 7.8 Hz

Shift: With shifting, dancing lights and sounds, the dynamics of the sounds are fully integrated in the lights. Duration: 5:00

White@black: This composition is a mix of classical and modern music, with real violins and guitars. This sessions shows the possibilities of the kasina, with the independent left and right

sync. Duration: 7:30

These music compositions with SpectraStrobe encoding were created by Dominique Nelis, a professional musician who runs a recording studio in Belgium. He has been creating light and sound sessions for different mind machines for more than 15 years. Bon Voyage!

Mp3 digital files for your Deepak Chopra Dream Master ONLY – Does not work on Dream Weaver 1.0 or 2.0

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